Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Your Backyard Woods - Marketing Special Forest Products

No one ever makes money growing anything; they make money selling it. If you decide to sell some of your special forest products remember one thing: marketing matters.

Markets can vary from the roadside stand to international markets.
• Generally, markets for special forest products are “niche” markets—small, very specialized, and with only a few buyers.
• Production is often seasonal (for example, nuts, berries, mushrooms, flowers), or consumption is seasonal (for example, Christmas wreaths or boughs). This means that production labor is highly concentrated and that products may need to be stored for months.
• Some products, such as mushrooms and berries, are highly perishable. This feature increases costs and risks for storage and transportation between you and the consumer.
• Other producers may be reluctant to share information on their sources of product, methods of production, or potential markets. This reluctance can make it difficult for you to enter the market.
You need a strategic marketing plan, which should evaluate three things: your competitors, the business environment, and your customers.

Getting Started
Get to know your backyard woods; there is more there than meets the eye. You and your family can explore it in all seasons of the year and discover new wonders. Enjoy it, use it, make things from it, taste it, and care for it. You may even be able to make some money from it.
If you need help to get started, there are books, publications, periodicals, associations, and wholesale buyers that can help you. A good place to start is your local Cooperative Extension Service or

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