Friday, September 1, 2023


Guernsey Soil and Water Conservation District Election

 On Thursday November 2nd, the Guernsey Soil and Water Conservation District will be holding their 81st annual meeting and banquet.  Every year the GSWCD holds an annual meeting for the purpose of electing members to the five-member board that comprises the board of supervisors for the district.  This year there will be two members elected to a three-year term.


The mission of the Guernsey Soil and Water Conservation District is to promote through education and technical assistance, the sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations.  The traditional perception of the Soil and Water Conservation District has been one of working primarily with the agricultural community.  The district does work on natural resource issues with local agriculture but in addition to that, it is a considerable resource to all landowners and land users in Guernsey County.


This year's slate of candidates for election to the district board of supervisors include; Ken Ford and Art Tripp. The two candidates with the most votes will be elected to a three-year term.  Residents of Guernsey County can vote from Wednesday, October 4th through Thursday, November 2nd. You can vote in person at the office, request an absentee ballot, or vote Thursday, November 2nd at our Annual Meeting from 5:30pm – 6pm. The meeting will be held on the Guernsey County Fairgrounds in the Oscar Share Hall building. Doors will open at 5:00pm


The dinner, catered by Cid’s Smokehouse Grill, will be served at 6:00pm, with a brief program following the meal. Tickets for the banquet are $10, and can be purchased from any current board member, or from the SWCD office.  If you are unable to attend the day of the election, absentee ballots are available at the district office located at 335C Old National Rd, Old Washington, Ohio. Eligible voters are all individuals who are at least 18 years of age and a resident of Guernsey County or at least 18 years of age and own real estate in Guernsey County.  Consider participating in this important process.  For additional information you may contact the Guernsey Soil and Water Conservation District office at (740) 489-5276.