Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Your Backyard Woods - Alternative Sources of Income - Decoratives & Handicrafts

Stems, branches, cones, vines, leaves, and small plants found in your backyard woods can be used for home decorating and sold to craft stores or wholesalers. Here are just a few examples of how plants and parts of plants can be used in decorating:
• Needleleaf boughs for Christmas wreaths
• Grape vines for wreaths
• Young flexible willow stems for baskets or furniture
• Red stemmed dogwood, cork screw willow, and decorative buds in dry floral arrangements
• Cones of all sizes and shapes for various uses
• Blossoms like witchhazel and cherry in fresh floral displays.
If your backyard woods does not have the plants you want, consider adding them. An annual soil fertility program and an aggressive pruning regimen may be necessary to produce the high quality plant material you need. When you own a few acres, there usually is a place just right for growing the plants you need.

The woods in your backyard may contain a host of material that can be hand crafted by you or sold to crafters to make objects ranging from pencils to art. Parts of trees such as limbs, branches, twigs, bark, and knotholes can all be turned into things of beauty in the right hands.
Burls are one of the best sources of beautiful wood grain. A burl is produced where an injury or other external stimulus has affected the growth pattern of the tree, causing a deformity. The resulting wood grain patterns may be wavy, swirled, marbled, or feathered. Woodcrafters value all of these characteristics.
Imaginative people can even use conks (fungi fruiting structures on tree trunks), pine needles, and roots to produce beautiful and useful objects. Materials from your backyard woods that can be used for handicraft products are almost limitless.

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