Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Backyards for Wildlife display at the Guernsey Cty Fair

Stop by the display during your visit to the fair!  We are near the pavilion opposite the grandstands.
A closeup of the sedum in the flower bed

Another flower bed

A display of different cover crop options.  A cover crop is
planted after harvest to reduce soil erosion during the winter
months.  It can be turned under to enrich the soil, or sprayed
if no tillage is being used in the field.  Shown as oats, winter
peas and tillage radishes, cereal rye, annual rye, birdsfoot trefoil,
and red clover.
One of four benches built by Van and Joe and installed throughout
the display area.  These trees were damaged in the derecho wind
in June, and were "upcycled" into durable seating for fairgoers.
A closeup of one of the butterfly bushes.  They are covered
with blooms and attract clouds of butterflies.

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