Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dust Bowl Display at Guernsey County Fair

Stop by the display during your visit to the fair!  We are near the pavilion opposite the grandstands.
The timeline for the dust bowl years - 1931-1939.   We have a
video playing, "Black Blizzard", a documentary by the History Channel. 
Look at the weather maps and compare the 2012 drought to drought conditions
in 1934 during the height of the dust bowl.
The SWCD districts were set up by states after the Dust Bowl years.
The terrible loss of topsoil seen during these "black blizzards" were
seen as one of the greatest natural disasters and served as the
catalyst of a movement to protect soil from erosion by wind and water.
The Guernsey SWCD was formed on October 22nd, 1942, and will
celebrate its 70th year at our annual meeting on 0ctober 23rd.
Another view of the dust bowl timeline.

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