Friday, July 29, 2016

Pond Clinic

A FREE pond clinic will be held at the Bertram Orchad on Tuesday August 16th 2016 from 6-8 PM. This exciting and educational program will cover topics such as utilizing ponds as an irrigation system, common pond weeds and control measures, nuisance wildlife control and habitat enhancement, as well as construction and design. Speakers will include Bill Bertram, owner/ operator at Bertram's Orchard, Clif Little OSU Extension Educator, Chris Skatula, Civil Engineer Tech for NRCS, and Levi Arnold, Wildlife Forestry Specialist for Guernsey SWCD. For more information and to register please call     740-489-5300.

Conservation Camp

Well, as of 7/28/16 our 2016 conservation camp concluded. Our theme this year was save the butterfly save the world in an effort to educate the youth of the county about the importance of pollinators and the relationships they share with humans. Day one started out at salt fork state park where we did some traditional favorites of camp that included; fishing, archery, canoeing, and some games. Thanks to lots of water we were able to make it through the heat. Day two was quite a different tone. With storms upon us nearly all day we had a change in schedule. Diana Tolliver, bee keeper extraordinaire taught us all about bee keeping and the significance of honey bees. Following that we made several different crafts where the kids made their own pollinator and made their own butterfly/moth life cycle. A quick break in the weather allowed us for a short hike. With storms staying relentless we trucked the kids back to the office for a film on pollinators which they enjoyed very much. Thanks to the staff at Salt Fork State Park, Brooke Johnson and Nicole Stevens from Deerassic, Samantha Ackerman from Belmont SWCD, Dianne Tolliver, board member Jo Lucas, and all GSWCD Staff. Thank you for making the 31st annual conservation camp a success.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Moore Woods Open House

Ginseng Program

On Wednesday, July 23rd the Guernsey SWCD along with Deerassic Park Education Center held a program to educate the public about Ginseng. There were nearly 30 people in attendance of the program. We would like to thank Officer Berry and Officer Kieffer of the Ohio Division of Wildlife for bringing in samples and explaining all about ginseng.