Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wild Edible Seminar standing room only!

Scenes from the Wild Edibles seminar held by the district on Monday. 90+ people attended the meeting, hosted by Deerasic Park, and were treated to several delicious dishes made from wild plants, courtesy of the Guernsey Master Gardeners.
A 5 mushroom soup, Garlic mustard potato salad, elderberry jam, wild blueberry cobbler, scalloped potatoes with ramps, and a pasta and mushroom saute were available to sample.
Our Wildlife/Forestry Specialist, Travis Smith, presented the where, when and hows of wild mushroom hunting and gathering. Jeff Wilkinson, a forester from Richland county demonstrated how some wild mushrooms can be raised successfully in one's backyard.
Drilling oak log in preparation to insert
Shitaki mushroom spore plugs.  In one
year, this log will begin to produce mushrooms.
Over the course of 5 years, it should produce
25-30# of the delicacies.

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