Friday, May 23, 2014

Cash back for cover crops!

Cover crops are plants seeded into agricultural fields, either within or outside of the regular growing season, with the primary purpose of improving or maintaining ecosystem quality. Cover crops do great things for our environment by enhancing biodiversity. They also increase water infiltration in the soil which leads to less flooding, leaching and runoff.  Cover crops benefit farmers in many ways. Cover crops reduce erosion, increase soil organic matter, retain nutrients that would otherwise be lost, combat weeds and break disease cycles.

The Guernsey Soil and Water Conservation District will offer an incentive of $13 per acre for ground put into cover crops during the fall of 2014. This incentive money is part of a grant that the Soil and Water office obtained through the MWCD. This grant will fund up to 200 acres per participant. Application deadline for the program is June 27, 2014.

Farmers who are interested in the program should attend a planning meeting at the Soil and Water office, 9711 East Pike, Cambridge on Tuesday, May 27th at 7PM.   At this meeting, we will discuss the results of last year’s application and have a round table discussion on what types of cover crops/style of application will be used this year. We are excited to continue the relationships with last year’s participants as well as gaining new additions to the number of cooperators this year.  Please call the district office at 740-432-5624 to let us know you plan to attend.

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