Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Farm management Series - Planning for Success!

Believe it or not, summertime is just around the corner. Are you prepared? Do you know what crops you plan to plant, what grazing patterns are you going to choose, what pollution precautions you need to take, or what upgrades to your farm you would like to pursue? We would like to help you understand, decide and succeed on those questions and more.

Earlier this month, Guernsey SWCD teamed up with NRCS, ODNR and OSU Extension to present to you a Summer Farm Management Seminar. Jason Tyrell (GSWCD) started the evening off with a talk on how success takes planning. Bob Mulligan (ODNR) led off with a presentation on how to manage nutrients used on and produced by the farm to avoid contaminating water supplies, as well as wasting valuable fertilizers.
Troyce Barnett (NRCS) spoke on the topic of multi-species grazing, a hot topic these days, making it both interesting and entertaining.
Clif Little (OSU Extension) finished off with a discussion on how to manage pastures in summertime. Having enough grass for summer and beyond takes planning and management right now during the spring flush!

This Farm Management Seminar was targeted towards summertime management of your farm. It was part one of two seminars; the second of which will be held in August, covering wintertime management.
Don't miss the August seminar - plan now to attend!

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