Monday, May 19, 2014

Ohio EPA Grants

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency awarded a slew of grants this week to support litter cleanup and recycling projects.  OEPA awarded nearly $500,000 to 40 communities to fund litter collection events, community awareness programming and the creation of free opportunities for residents to get rid of scrap tires. Grants ranged from $1,800 to nearly $50,000  The grant program requires a 10% match from the local governments, park or health districts, state colleges or universities, solid waste authorities and eligible Keep America Beautiful communities.  The agency also awarded $1.7 million in recycling market development grants to 11 projects that include organics composting, electronic waste processing and plastics manufacturing and processing.  The projects are expected to create 44 permanent jobs, the agency said.

An additional 25 communities received $1.5 million in grant funding that was awarded with the aim of strengthening local recycling and litter prevention efforts.  With the grants, communities will: develop five curbside programs and two commercial recycling programs; provide more efficient equipment to four material recovery facilities; and offer financial resources to numerous litter education and special venue projects, the agency said. Communities must commit 50% local matching funds.  In an effort to improve scrap tire processing and market development, the agency also awarded $600,000 to fund two market development projects. An estimated 57,000 Ohio scrap tires are expected to be recycled over the next two years as a result of the projects.

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