Friday, July 6, 2012

Promoting Conservation Every Day

Conservation practices in the United States have helped us achieve an historic standard of living. We enjoy a wide variety of fresh, healthy food. Drinking water supplies are clean and mainly free from disease. Lakes, rivers, and streams are much cleaner than 30 years ago. Air quality has greatly improved in the last fifty years.  Conservation of natural resources has helped create an amazing way of life for Americans.
We still face many challenges today, but the lessons of the past show us that people working together can solve almost any problem. 

Every person can help conserve natural resources in their daily life. Start by learning about air, water, soil, plant, and wildlife resources around you. Conserve energy, recycle, don’t litter or dump household chemicals.  The district can help you in this learning process.   We offer a variety of workshops and programs that are both interesting and educational.  So far this year, we've offered a workshop on successful seedings, a maple syrup clinic, wildflower walk, a nature hike on the Great Guernsey  Trail, 2 hydroponics workshops, and a pond clinic.   Later this year, a coyote clinic, a conservation day camp, a teacher's workshop, a timber harvest tour and a fall color walk are planned, along with ongoing educational programs with local schools. 

Please plan to join us for these events, and learn how you can do your part to use our natural resources wisely.

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