Monday, July 23, 2012

Conservation Camp!

Don't forget - conservation camp is this week, on Wednesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday, the kids will break into 4 groups, and will be led through a series of 45 minute classes.  They'll learn about reclaiming strip mined ground; the geology under Guernsey county that has provided our gas, oil and coal reserves; play a lifesized game of Energy Monopoly; learn about all the products made from oil they use in their daily lives; and make a fun craft to take home.

On Thursday, they will dig for coal and pan for gold; take a nature hike through Moore Woods; learn how to shoot a pellet gun safely; hear the story of coal mining in the last century; and learn about being safe around electricity. 

They will take home a camp T-shirt, a mineral sample kit, and a packet of games, activities, and information sheets. 

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