Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Conservation Day Camp Experiences - Day 2

 A group of "coal miners" hard at work, digging coal from the sand pit.  What is it about digging in sand that is so much fun?  I think they'd do this all day if we left them to it.   Most the kids are wearing their cmp T-shirts, which read "Fueling Your Imagination" which is the theme of the camp this year.
Besides the coal mining, this session also had the kids panning for gold.  Another fun activity - who wouldn't want to play in a wading pool filled with water on a hot summer morning?  Orme Hardware was so generous to allow us to borrow a gold prospecting kit they have for sale in the store on 11th Street.  
Our prospectors were able to trade in their "gold" for candy at the company store. 

Waiting to play the lifesized monopoly game.   We have the "banker" with money in hand; in the center is one of the "high rollers" with the dice, and one of the game pieces, a coal miner, in the hard hat.  Besides the coal miner game piece, we also had a  natural gas flame and an oil tycoon.  With a roll of the dice, players answered questions about coal, oil, and natural gas, or true/false questions about saving energy.  Correct answers earned them giant "dollars", which could be traded in for candy or trinkets at the end of the game.

Roy Landstrom, retired US Fish and Wildlife Service, teaches pellet gun safety to a group of youngsters.  They enjoyed trying their hand at target shooting while learning how to safely handle their guns.  

In the afternoon, Dave Adair came and told the story of the life of a coal miner at the beginning of the 20th century.  Dave has done this on the Byesville train for several years.  The kids are fascinated with his stories and mining gear that he uses to bring the stories to life. 

Guernsey Muskingum Electric employee Tim Fisher brought his electric safely display and explained to the kids about how to be safe around electricity.  With the recent storms foremost in their minds, they were especially attentive, and asked lots of questions. As usual, the cooking hotdog showing what would happen if electricity would pass through a human body made a big impression. 

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