Monday, July 30, 2012

Conservation Day Camp experiences - Day One

Dee Carter, retired science teacher from New Concord, has been teaching at our camp for many years.  She is an inspiring teacher, and the kids LOVE her.  This year, her topic was reclaiming after strip mining.  Here, the kids are learning about how the laws that govern mining have improved over the years.  

This is an example of the "strip mine" model each child made.  First, they put layers of materials representing different layers; clay, then coal, then gravel, sand, and finally topsoil into their bowl.  Then they "mined" their coal layer, taking care to remove each layer and set it aside separately.  Then they replace their "land" as they had found it, finishing off with features such as a "pond", and seeding with grass, and adding leaves to represent trees and other vegetation.   At each step of their mining and reclamation, their work was "inspected" to make certain they were following the rules and regulations governing the mining operation.

Here, Myron Dellinger is discussing the geology of Guernsey county with the students, helping them to understand the underground rock and mineral formations that provide us with the rich deposits of coal, oil, and natural gas.  Each child went home with a rock & mineral sample collection if their very own. 
Myron is a master gardener and naturalist, and was our 2011 Cooperator of the Year award recipient. 

Making a scrap book to fill with pictures and stories of their camp experience.  

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