Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Weed Wiper

Guernsey SWCD now has a GrassWorks Weed Wiper for rent!!!  Do your pastures have those nagging tall weeds that you are battling every year? Are you tired of walking around and spot spraying each individual plant? Pulling the 10ft wide weed wiper behind your 4-wheeler or tractor will speed up this process. GSWCD’s new weed wiper will allow you to hit several plants at once by using a carpeted drum that rotates opposite the direction of travel. Herbicide is applied to targeted weeds as the roller rotates to the stem and the underside of the leaf. The roller is pressure sensitive which allows you to apply the required amount without over applying and wasting your herbicide. Best results are achieved if most of your targeted weeds are taller than the pastures grasses that are to be grazed. GSWCD has made the decision to allow only Roundup through this machine. Any questions about the Weed Wiper, please call Guernsey SWCD at 740-489-5276. 

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