Thursday, March 17, 2016

Clean Energy Initiative Update

Attorney General Mike DeWine on Monday certified the latest iteration of the Clean Energy Initiative.  Proponents submitted the petition on March 4, marking the sixth time the proposal has been attempted. Backers of the initiative have tried for years to create a $1.3 billion bond program over 10 years to support green energy initiatives.  Mr. DeWine's certification, as with all other certifications from his office, clarified that he is forwarding the initiative to the secretary of state "without passing upon the advisability" of the measure.

The proposal now heads to the secretary of state, who must convene the Ballot Board to determine whether the proposal is a single or multiple issues. Following that approval, the petitioners would then be cleared to collect the required 305,951 signatures to get the proposal on the ballot.  Last year's proposal mirrored previous proposals with one exception: a new section that would have enabled supporters to correct any legal challenges to the language by offering new language requiring only a fraction of the signatures currently required under the ballot process.  In November, the Ballot Board voted 3-1 to divide the issue into two issues by separating that new language. The latest proposal does not include that language.

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