Friday, March 11, 2016

Latest MBR Measure Would Combine ODNR Divisions Of State Parks, Watercraft

The latest component of Gov. John Kasich's scaled-back mid-biennium review package focuses on the Department of Natural Resources, where the administration is looking to combine two divisions.
The fact sheet regarding the proposed consolidation of the divisions of State Parks and Watercraft (SB 293) says the aim is a "common sense approach to serving Ohio boaters."
"Consolidation of ODNR's divisions of Watercraft and State Parks, will not only offer Ohioans improved services and cost savings, but also enable ODNR law enforcement to provide greater protections for visitors at Ohio's state parks, natural areas, rivers and lakes," the administration explains in the fact sheet.
"This builds on ODNR's efforts in recent years to cross-train its Forestry, Parks and Watercraft officers, successfully reducing training costs and improving officer response and safety efforts across state properties."

The expected introduction of the proposal later today in the Senate is the latest in what's been planned as four separate "MBR" bills this spring. None are expected to be controversial or entail revenue impacts.
The bill is the first of two expected Senate MBRs, with the second said to be aimed at Environmental Protection Agency issues.
Two administration policy updates were previously introduced in the House dealing with higher education.

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