Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Tree Seedling Sale is ON!

Tis’ the season! Tree season that is, the Guernsey Soil and Water Conservation district is holding its annual tree sale. Trees are an awesome natural resource and a great way to give back to the environment. Trees provide people with a numerous amount of both measurable and immeasurable  resources like food for consumption, shade on a hot sunny day, a wind break from a brisk winter wind, a place to view some of your favorite wildlife, and trees help replenish oxygen something we all can’t live without. Trees also provide aesthetic value as many people love the area we live in because of the pretty fall colors produced by Southeastern Ohio’s deciduous forests.  We have a variety of species to choose from this year, all of which are very unique. Tree sale order deadline is March 18th so you have about a month left. For information on what species are available or an order form you can do one of three options

1.) Call the Guernsey SWCD at 740-489-5276.
 2.) Stop at the Guernsey SWCD office located at the Guernsey County Fairgrounds.
 3.) Print off an order form to mail it in.

 If you have any questions about trees to order, soils, wildlife, or anything else related to that please give us a call or stop in.

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