Friday, February 27, 2015

Passport to Fishing Instructor

Our Wildlife/Forestry Specialist, Levi Arnold, has become certified as a Passport to Fishing instructor by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  Through the Guernsey Soil & Water Conservation District, Levi is available to teach this class interested groups of adults or children.  The district does not charge for this service.
The Passport to Fishing program provides skills, techniques and information that allows any beginning angler to start fishing in their own community. The program consists of four stations focusing on hands-on participation and a strong conservation message.
The Passport to Fishing program is designed to be:
---Appealing to various age and interest groups
---Adjustable to highlight activities and species unique to a particular region
---Appropriate to any skill and education level
---Adaptable to any setting whether inside or at the water's edge
---Can be taught throughout the year
Please call  740-435-0408 to talk with Levi about scheduling a program with your group.  Levi is also available to speak on a variety of natural resource conservation topics; whether on wildlife, forestry or water quality.

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