Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ohio Federation of Soil & Water Conservation District's Survey

Ohio Balanced Growth Survey – Please complete!
We want to hear from you - our colleagues in government, private business and conservation - about the Ohio Balanced Growth Program, and how it can be of assistance to you in the coming years. Even if you have not worked with us in the past, your input will be valuable in planning our next steps in supporting local government in achieving their development and conservation goals.

The Ohio Balanced Growth Program provides technical assistance, education, planning support, and a host of online resources to local governments and collaborative partnerships across the state who are working to achieve development and conservation goals. Entirely voluntary and incentive-driven, the Program is co-sponsored by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission and the Ohio Water Resources Council. The Program strives to ensure the long-term quality of our valuable water resources - a great asset for our State - enhancing economic prosperity into the future, through Watershed Planning Partnerships, and implementation of Best Local Land Use Practices.

Please take a moment to tell us what we've being doing that is useful to you, what issues are of greatest concern to you, and how we can help, going forward. We are hoping to close the survey by Friday, June 7 - please take a moment as soon as you can! The survey link is:

We will use this information to plan our activities in the coming years.  For more information, go to the Ohio Balanced Growth web site,

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