Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Salamander Adventure!

Belmont SWCD Wildlife/Forstry specialist Liza Butler, landowner Rosemary
Campbell, and Joe Lehman, Guernsey SWCD Wildlife/Forestry specialist.
On Monday evening during a warm early spring rain, Joe and Liza led a group of adventurers to Rosemary's farm, where they found spotted salamanders, newts, wood frogs, and spring peepers (frogs), all moving from the place of winter hibernation to vernal pools in the woods of Rosemary's property.  In the vernal pools, they will mate, lay egg masses, and in so doing, reproduce the next generation of amphibians. 
Spotted salamanders are an indicator of good water quality, so finding them on your property is a welcome sign that water quality is good in your little corner of the Wills Creek watershed! 
2 spring peepers and a wood frog
More spotted salamanders

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