Sunday, March 3, 2013

Invasive Species week is March 3-8 - Take the Invasive Species Challenge

One of the most effective ways to manage invasive species is for recreationalists such as boaters, fishermen, pet owners, and gardeners to not be unknowing vehicles of dispersion. Here are some easy everyday things you can do to meet the Invasive Species Challenge:

• BOATERS – Clean, drain and dry your boat trailer and gear every time you leave a body of water.
• PET OWNERS - If you have acquired an undesirable pet or fish species for your aquarium
or water garden, it is important not to release these plants or animals into the environment. Follow these tips from Habitattitude ( for  aquarium hobbyists and backyard pond owners.
• TRAVELERS, HIKERS, BIKERS, BIRDERS, AND CAMPERS - If you engage in terrestrial
recreational activities like camping, hiking, biking or birding, take care not to be an unwitting vehicle of dispersion.
• GARDENERS - Not all non-native species are bad, but some plants that look lovely in your garden might be harmful invaders that will make their way into natural areas.The US Forest Service  has easy tips on how to manage your garden to preserve the unique qualities of neighboring wildlands.

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