Tuesday, August 7, 2012

About the Birds & the Bees - part 1

Birds = Health!

Bird conservation is critical to the richness and diversity of our world. Birds are often viewed
as indicators of ecosystem health.  In fact, they help control the insect and rodent population,
distribute seeds that benefits forest conservation, and are food sources for predators.
With over 850 species in the world today, birds also highlight the diversity of different habitats. All birds cannot live in the same habitats, so we need to learn how they adapt to different regions, what they need to survive, as well as learn more how they interact with other  living things.  

Unfortunately, bird populations are significantly declining.  Today, more than 90 
species of birds are listed as endangered species with more than 200 more at risk.  Some of
the reasons for the decline are due to habitat loss from development, loss of wetlands and
forests, the growing number of invasive tree and plant species, pollution and pesticide use,
and predator populations.

Every person needs food, water and shelter to survive — just like birds!  So you can help the
bird population by providing bird feeders, bird baths, and bird houses!  It is also important to
keep your household cat indoors.  Outdoor cats kill more than one million songbirds each
year.  Other ways you can help is to encourage your parents to avoid the use of pesticides,
herbicides, and other chemicals outdoors that may harm bird species and instead choose
some of the environmentally safe products that are out on the market.  And if you live in a
house with a backyard, plant native plants because these attract native insects, which attract
insect-eating birds. The more vegetation you have that they can use as cover, homes, food
and as attraction for their source of food, the more chance they have to thrive!
Birds equal health!  Will you help bird conservation "soar" in your backyard and in your
The district has free plans for different types of birdhouses as well as quality cedar birdhouses for sale.

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