Friday, August 10, 2012

About the Birds and the Bees - part 2

Bees = Food!

Bees may sting — OUCH!  But they are truly crucial to our life!  Bees are pollinators, therefore,
they are needed to pollinate the flowers that produce one third of all of our food!  There are
130,000 plants for which bees are essential to pollination, from melons to pumpkins, raspberries
and all kind of fruit trees, as well as cover crops like clover.

But honeybees, the primary species that fertilizes food-producing plants, have suffered dramatic
declines in population.  Some of the issues that are impacting these pollinators include: habitat
destruction and loss of feeding grounds as a result of growing development;  pesticide use and
other environmental pollution; pests; and, the human shoe!  

We need to help the bee population rebound so that we continue to have an abundant food supply!  You can ―bee a friend and help — without getting stung!  It’s easy!  Plants help bees by providing nectar, which the bee converts into honey.  So grow a small garden in your backyard!
Make it ―bee friendly by growing native and local plants, which help attract the local bees.  Avoid
the use of pesticides and definitely don’t kill the bees!  Should you encounter any bee nests that
are causing swarms, contact your local beekeeping association to come and safely remove any
nests keeping the bees alive and keeping you safe!
Bees equal food!  So bee friendly and join our conservation "buzz" to save the bees!

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