Monday, August 22, 2016

5 steps to cover crop success

5 steps to cover crop success

Cover crop expert provides tips on how to select and plant an effective cover crop.

Published on: Aug 17, 2016

Ask a farmer what’s the hardest part of growing cover crops and the answer will be fairly consistent: establishing a cover crop. Nathan Johanning, extension educator with the University of Illinois and state representative for the Midwest Cover Crops Council, understands farmers’ hesitation - especially after trying and failing to establish a cover crop. However, with a few important tips in mind, Johanning is confident Illinois farmers can successfully plant and establish a cover crop.
Here are 5 things Johanning says farmers should keep in mind before planting cover crops:
1) Pick a winner.
Not all cover crops are created equal and there are many factors you should consider, including what you hope to achieve with the cover crop: erosion control, nitrogen production, or weed suppression. “Choose your cover crop species based on the time of year and what will work,” says Johanning. Oilseed radish and oats should be planted earlier than cereal rye, he explains.
2) Timing is everything.
Johanning recommends planting at least one month, if not earlier, ahead of.......(To read more, click the link below): 

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