Wednesday, June 8, 2016

***Ginseng Seed Sale***

The Guernsey SWCD is holding its first ever Ginseng Seed Sale. American Ginseng is a plant native to Guernsey County as well as Appalachian Ohio. Ginseng is a plant most coveted for its roots that are often credited for their tonic and medicinal properties. Purposes for growing Ginseng would be to increase forest diversity and potentially create a cash crop for the future by selling the roots down the road when they’re legally mature and Ginseng season is in. The Guernsey SWCD is taking pre-paid orders for stratified Ginseng seed by the ounce. The seed costs $10 per ounce of stratified seed and there are approximately 437 seeds in one ounce of seed. All proceeds from the sale go towards the district’s education events. For more information about planting and growing Ginseng you can reach us at 740-489-5276, or stop by our office located at the Guernsey County fairgrounds in Old Washington.

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