Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ohio House Ag Panel plans regional hearings this fall.

Two House standing committees and a new Healthcare Efficiencies Summer Study Committee will hold regional hearings over the next two months, Speaker Cliff Rosenberger announced Monday.
Mr. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) said the new panel as well as the Agriculture & Rural Development Committee and the Community & Family Advancement Committee would tour the state to field feedback from Ohioans.
Chairman Rep. Brian Hill's (R-Zanesville) Ag panel will focus on "modern-day agriculture and how it is shaping rural communities in the state," according to the House GOP caucus. The community and family committee, chaired by Rep. Tim Derickson (R-Oxford) will review poverty in Ohio along with workforce development programs.

Rep. Stephen Huffman (R-Tipp City) will chair the new committee, which will focus on Ohio's healthcare system and "how to provide the best possible outcomes for patients."
"It's crucial we continue our legislative work over the summer and get out into the communities we serve to better understand issues that impact our constituents," Speaker Rosenberger said in a release. "As with previous summer committees, these hearings will allow us opportunities to make recommendations and discuss possible legislation on issues affecting Ohioans every day."
"I'm looking forward to seeing what the new Healthcare Efficiencies Study Committee can accomplish this summer," the speaker added. "It's an important issue to every Ohioan and continuing discussion on the topic of healthcare costs and transparency can ensure a better future for our state."
The panels are expected to hold a series of hearings across the state during August and September with a goal of producing reports and potential legislative recommendations.
Further details on the committees' membership, agendas and meeting locations will be released in the near future, the caucus said.

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