Friday, December 19, 2014

Predator problems plaguing livestock in Ohio

“I have lost a significant numbers of lambs and I have even lost a few ewes to what I think are coyotes. With the really young lambs it is hard to tell. Sometimes you can’t even find them,” said Shawn Ray, who lambs around 140 ewes in Noble County. “Sometimes you never find the lamb, you just know you weighed at tagged this number at birthing time and then a month or so later when you are doing vaccinations you see that there are some missing. The coyotes were pretty consistent this year from lambing in May until we pulled the lambs in to the feedlot. Then they stopped killing lambs, but for another month I was losing ewes. They are the worst when they have the young on. We live in a unique area where the bobcats, the coyotes and the red fox all seem to find a way to co-exist. I think our deer herd and turkey population is being impacted also.”

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