Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blueberries available in the spring tree sale

Blue Ray is perhaps the best midseason ripening cultivar for u-pick growers.  Plant is upright in habit, with height of 4-6 feet at maturity.   Fruits are large, some of them an inch in diameter, with approximately 60 berries per cup. Berries are firm, with a small picking scar, and light blue in color.  Flavors of sweetness with a desirable hint of acidity make it a fine flavored fruit. Yields are consistently high, with 10-20 pounds produced per plant.   The ornamental value for the bush is excellent, having dark green color in the summer and burgundy red in the fall.

Aurora will be 4-5 feet tall at maturity and spreading more than upright. It ripens late in the season, and yields 10-20 pounds of fruit per bush on mature plants.  Fruit size is medium; approximately 75 berries per cup. Berry quality is firm with a small dry picking scar.  Of the first berries to harvest, 50% are light powder blue.  As the later fruits ripen the fruits will change more to a dark blue.  The flavor of the early ripening fruits are more acid with little sweetness, as the season progresses fruits have more sweetness with little acid. The fruits are of high quality and are known to store for long periods.

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