Monday, July 8, 2013

Ohio Forestry Camp


The 2013 Ohio Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Camp was June 9th through the 14th at FFA Camp Muskingum. On the second day of camp we had our first class which was Dendrology; dendrology is the scientific study of trees and their characteristics. As we hiked through the woods we studied different trees and their leaves which were on the exam that we took on the last day. Day three, we had four classes; measurements, which we used the Biltmore stick that they gave us, Songbirds, they let us use their binoculars, our other classes were Stream Monitoring, which we caught salamanders and crawfish, and next we had Ecology. On the fourth day we learned about Wildlife Management, which we were given topics of different animals and analyzed different habitats for the animals/insects. Next we had Ancient Ohioans of the Forest; we got to use at-ladles. Then we had Silviculture, which is the art and science of managing/growing trees. Day five we had a class on Forest Products and a man brought a portable saw mill and told us how he built his own house. Our next class was Resource Management Issues, we were told to prepare a speech as a group of 5 people and explain why our group, with different scenarios on why and what we would use 200 acres of the camp for, i.e. timber products, preservation group, golf course, senior citizen home. Camp was great time, I’ve made many new and great friends!  My thanks to Murphy Tractor, which provided a scholarship to allow me to attend the camp.  Also attending the camp on scholarships from the Guernsey Sportsmen for Conservation group were Guernsey county residents Reagan Reynolds, Austin Tilton, Levi Lynch, and Morgan Echols.

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