Friday, December 7, 2012

STREAM NIGHT - on salamander migration

Landowners and children are welcomed to join the fun; we will be exploring the salamanders that will be migrating to the wetlands, vernal pools and streams.
Salamanders in Ohio are generally inconspicuous most of the year.  Since salamanders go into hiding during the day, finding them can be an exciting adventure.  Mole salamanders live most their life underground. During the spring breeding season they appear in large numbers; some species migrate by the hundreds during cool spring rains as they move toward water to lay eggs.

The best place to begin your search is in any wet, wooded environment in the early spring.  The best time for viewing comes at night either after or during an early spring precipitation when the temperature is around 50 degrees.  So grab a flashlight and lets go take a look at some night-migrating salamanders.  you'll see something that very few others have ever witnessed.

This workshop will take place on private property near Piedmont Lake in Guernsey county at the end of February or beginning of March, depending on weather conditions.  We will call those who are on the list giving a 24-48 hour notice of the time and location. Please dress according to the weather.  RSVP to Joe Lehman, Guernsey SWCD, at 740-432-5624 soon so that you will be on the list to call when the time is right.  It will be spring again before we know it!

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