Wednesday, November 21, 2012


As we celebrate Thanksgiving, the district would like to remind us all of our personal responsibility to be good stewards of the soil that produces the food we eat.  Assuring food for the future is one of the most basic issues any society faces, and is quite complex. In today's world, and for tomorrow's needs, an ample supply of food requires:
  • Productive soils and ample water supplies, maintained in a clean and healthy condition by people who practice effective stewardship;
  • A wide and diverse variety of food crops, with traditional crop strains protected so that their characteristics can be used in the future if needed;
  • An economic and social system that provides peace and security for people who produce food and fiber on the lands where they live;
  • A transportation and distribution network that moves food rapidly and safely from the fields where it is produced to the consumers who need it; and,
  • A global network of support that allows people to quickly and effectively helps those in hunger or famine. 

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