Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Conservation Day Camp Planned

Guernsey Soil and Water Conservation District has been offering a day camp for area youth for more than 20 years! This year at the Conservation Camp, area youth will “Fuel Your Imagination”, with fun and educational activities.

The two day camp is scheduled for July 25 & 26th from 9:00a.m. to 2:00p.m., and it is open to all youth, ages 8-11. It will be held at Moore Memorial Woods, a land lab owned by the district, which is located 3 miles east of Old Washington.
Camp fee is still only $5.00 for both days. For this fee, the camper will receive a lunch both days, a binder full of information, and will receive their own camp T-shirt. There will be 2 locations (one in Cambridge and one in Byesville) for bus pick-up and drop-off.

On the first day, students will learn about how geology helped form the oil, gas, and coal deposits far below the surface of Guernsey county. They will receive a sample of rocks and minerals found in the area. A lifesized Monopoly game will teach them about the energy that these fuel sources provide. They will learn about some of the 6000 products that are made from coal and petroleum that we use in our daily lives. And they will work on building a model to understand how land is reclaimed after coal mining.

On the second day, the coal miners from the Byesville Train will come and tell the kids the story of what it was like to mine coal many years ago. Guernsey Muskingum Electric will do a demonstration on electrical safety. And the kids will go hiking, and other fun activities.

For a registration form or if you have questions, please call the district!

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