Friday, April 20, 2012

Backyard Woods - Attracting Wildlife - Water needs

Water—wet ’n wildlife
If you have a stream, pond, lake, or wetland within or bordering your woods, count yourself fortunate. Wildlife is drawn to water. This is all the more reason to treat it with great care. Leave at least a 30-foot wide undisturbed strip next to the water to provide space for wildlife and to protect the water from other activities in your woods. Don’t risk spoiling a major wildlife attraction.
The absence of open water in your woods does not mean it will not attract wildlife. Animals meet their water needs in various ways. Some get all they need from the foods they eat, and others drink dew or raindrops that cling to plants.
Sometimes wildlife will create wet habitat. Beavers are famous for their ability to dam streams. The ponds they create are bonanzas for other water-loving wildlife as well. If there are no beavers in your backyard woods don’t despair. In some circumstances it may be feasible for you to create a pond.
Or you might be able to develop a spring or seep to provide a water source.

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