Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In support of trees

Tree conservation is an important part of maintaining a healthy natural environment. Trees create habitats for birds, insects and wildlife; replenish oxygen in the atmosphere; save energy by shading homes and workplaces; and remove pollutants from air and water – besides providing climbing areas and fun places to hide!
Trees are experiencing great challenges these days greatly due to storms, development activities, diseases, and pests such as the Emerald Ash Borer and Gypsy Moth, that are causing many trees to die.
Help us with our conservation efforts! We encourage you to plant a native tree or two in your backyard! More and more landowners are being encouraged to plant native tree species to help those lost to storms and disease. Backyard conservation efforts such as tree plantings also help birds and other wildlife species too, while potentially helping cool down your house! Community education is also important. So don’t be afraid to share the importance of trees to your family and friends!
You can also help by promoting the purchase of wood and wood products from sustainable resources only, recycling or reusing all paper and wood, and planting trees.
Trees equal Strength! Can you raise your limbs in support for tree conservation?

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