Monday, August 16, 2010

More Conservation Camp Photos

This is Dee Carter, a retired science teacher.  Dee has been volunteering for many years.  Her class learned about the effects of pollution and litter on wildlife.  One of the experiments was straight from the day's headlines as the kids did experiments on the effects of oiling on feathers and eggs.
In the foreground below is youth volunteer Katie Hodges.  Katie attended camp for several years, and is now donating her time to help.  On the left are staff member Joe Lehman and summer intern, Seth Woodford.
The kids are playing a game of tag that helps them understand how habitat changes - namely shelter and food - effect the populations of both predator and prey.
Volunteer teacher Gina Anderson helped the kids design and dye their T-shirts they got to take home as a souvenir of the camp.Seth Woodford taught the class on building birdhouses.  The first picture shows volunteer Bob Luddington assisting some of the campers to assemble the birdhouse.  The second picture shows Seth passing out all the parts of the houses.  The kids got to take home their completed birdhouse to provide habitat in their own backyard.

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