Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ag School Days May 11 & 12th at research station near Belle Valley

This is a 2 day event, organized by the Noble SWCD office along with the EARS staff, OSU extension, and our office.  Our sincere thanks to all the donors that support this program, pictured above on the T-shirt that all 400 kids who attended took home with them.
Third graders from Shenandoah and Caldwell schools in Noble, and East Guernsey, Secrest, Byesville, and Brook schools in Guernsey attended this event.  The teachers are excited to come back each year, and say
its the best field trip ever!   Here are some of the topics covered during the day. 
Joe Lehman, wildlife specialist for the Guernsey SWCD doing stream monitoring with the kids.  This is always one of the favorite learning stations.
Dave Sayre, Guernsey SWCD technician, helped the kids get "Hooked on Fishing, Not Drugs"
ODNR Noble Wildlife Officer Brad StClair talked to the kids about the diversity of wildlife in Ohio.  Here he is talking about the beaver.  The kids got to wear a beaver costume. 

OSU Extension's Kaye Clay(in grey) and Clif Little(red), explaining embryo development in chickens.  They also brought along some newly hatched chicks for the kids to see and touch.

Chris Clark from Eastern Agricultural Research Station did a presentation on sheep production.  The kids really love to hold the lambs.

Tim Fisher from Guernsey/Muskingum Electric showed how to be safe around electricity.

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