Friday, April 23, 2010

More Thoughts on Earth Day

Did you know that when you’re washing your car in the driveway, you’re not just washing your car in the driveway?
Did you know that when your pet goes on the lawn, it doesn’t just go on the lawn?
Did you know that when your car is leaking oil on the street, it is not just leaking oil on the street?
Did you know that when you’re fertilizing your lawn, it is not just your lawn you’re fertilizing?
Clean and abundant “Water” is so vital to our quality of living, our economy and environment. Water is important in our recreational opportunities, commercial development, wildlife and plant habitat, and for our viewing pleasure – just to name a few!
The Earth is made up of three-fourths water, however only one percent can be used by humans. Considering the small amount of water we possess, we really need to be aware of things that pollute our waters. Nearly sixty percent of water pollution comes from the items mentioned about, along with failing septic tanks and other things we can work to control!
So help us do a better job keeping our waters clean and abundant today and into the future. Use soap sparingly to wash your car and rather than dumping the leftover suds down the storm drain, pour these down your sink – or use a commercial wash instead. Pick up your dog’s waste and flush it down the toilet or bury it deep into the soil. Stop oil drips and leaks in your car and never dispose of unwanted oil or fluids down a storm drain, ground or ditch. And, use fertilizers sparingly, don’t fertilize before a rain storm and consider using commercial or homemade compost to help revitalize your lawn.
These are just a few items to consider! Conservation habits make for a better quality of living. Join with us today and let’s help make “Earth Day = Everyday!”

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