Rental Equipment
- No-till Drill x2
- Brillion Seeder
- 2 row no-till corn planter
- Dibble Bars (high labor tree planting)
- 5 Ton Stoltzfus lime spreader (PTO driven)

For Sale

- Tree seedlings, berries, fruit trees (February-March)
- Bi-annual ginseng sale
- Geo-textile fabric

Free Items
- Soils Maps
- Copies of Topographical Maps
- Copies of Abandoned Mine Maps
- Contractor List (scroll to bottom of page for printable listing)
- General Soils information
- Landowner Timber Packets (general timber sales info)
- Pond site investigations
- Resource Management System Planning (whole farm planning)
- Crop Nutrient Management Plans
- Wills Creek Watershed Manual

Educational Programs
- Enviroscape
- Groundwater Model
- Hooked on Fishing
- Animal Tracks
- Watersheds
- Animal furs and skulls

Assistance in Obtaining Cost Share Programs (call for details)
- State Livestock Exclusion/Stream Protection Grants funds for fencing and alternate water source
- USDA EQIP Program

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