Moore Memorial Woods

The land was donated to the Guernsey Soil and Water Conservation District in 1955 by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wallace as a living tribute to her father Major James W. Moore, a Civil War Veteran. It is located near Old Washington in Wills Twp approximately 12 miles east of Cambridge.

Moore Woods is typical of the second growth mixed oak forests in SE Ohio. Red, white and chestnut oaks are the primary species found along ridgetops and sideslopes. Walnut, poplar, hickory and other hardwood species can be found in the lower areas. Many varieties of shrubs, ferns and wildflowers grow throughout the tract. The topography ranges from flat along ridgetops and narrow valleys to very steep on sideslopes. Two small streams dissect the woods, and several vernal pools form in the spring. Species of wildlife include deer, grouse, squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, songbirds, and other small mammals.

The 78-acre tract of land, which is almost entirely forested, is being maintained as a laboratory for environmental education. This is an excellent place to study forestry, soil conservation, biology, and wildlife management. There is no fee for use of the facility, and the SWCD office has staff members with expertise in these subjects. There are workshops on various subjects offered throughout the year to adults and school aged children.

It is the belief of the District that to study nature the setting should be as close to the natural conditions as possible. Development at Moore Woods has been done with this basic theme in mind. An old township road divides the area, and there are over a mile of hiking trails. A parking area large enough for buses is available at the entrance. There is a pavilion and pit type restroom on site.
New restrooms installed in fall of 2014

Take 70 east to Old Washington Exit.  Turn right at Rt 40, and follow toward fairgrounds.  Turn right onto
County Home Rd
and cross the freeway overpass.  Make an immediate left onto
Easton Rd.
  Follow it to the end, and turn left onto
Frankfort Rd.
  Go back under freeway underpass, and turn left onto
Wings Ln.
  Follow this into the Woods.