Monday, March 2, 2015

Melting out of the “The Frozen Tundra”

Tips for avoiding property damage due to thaw related flooding:

1) Move valuable equipment out of areas that are prone to flood (i.e. backhoes, excavators, dozers, vehicles)
2) Place valuables and valuable equipment up off the floor in buildings that have basements or have been prone to flood in the past
3) Check all tile outlets to make sure they are free from obstruction
4) Move valuable equipment or contents out of areas that are in a floodplain if possible. If impossible to relocate place valuables on shelves upper floors etc.
5) Have back up pumps and power supplies readily available with an action plan in place
6) Should power be lost, know the buildings that have sump pumps and have them monitored until power is restored
7) After power is restored, have maintenance staff or building superintendent check pumps to make sure they are functioning properly
8) Check downspouts and gutters for debris that could potentially block or obstruct flow. Blocked gutters and downspouts can overburden building perimeter drains.
9) Periodically check all buildings that have a basement for groundwater intrusion.
10) Piles of snow and ice are often placed in low areas after plowing or scraping. Make sure that piled snow is not covering or obstructing a storm water or underground outlet.
11) If battery back-ups are on existing sump pumps, make sure that batteries are still charged. Replace or charge as necessary.

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